Poliniza_2015_15 _001

Street Art takes Uni

Poliniza´15 took place last week in Valencia, a great Street Art festival run by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Thousands of visitors enjoyed the creation process of works and interventions by relevant global and national artists, like Escif, Hyuro, Hope, Cawamo, Feoflip, H101, Juan Sánchez, Reskate, Roberto Ciredz, Sabek and Spongo. Born in 2006, Poliniza´s […]

DrHomes - O Pazo de Lugo - CALLE -0798

C.A.L.L.E, street art in Lavapiés, Madrid

Let me introduce you  C.A.L.L.E (Convocatoria Artística Libre Lavapiés Emergente, in English, Free Artistic Award of Emerging Lavapies), a great street art exhibition taking place in Madrid this month.   C.A.L.L.E, (Street in English) is a street art event in Lavapies, an emerging and highly creative historic district in down-town Madrid. This award is sponsored […]


Bue The Warrior and ROA

Check this amazing cool combo by Bue The Warrior and ROA somewhere in Belgium. We are big fans of both artists. So we are glad to see this combo. We hope you will love it to, feel free to share !!!!!