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Photographer Lord K2 unveils new book ‘Street Art Santiago’

The book is available in bookstores worldwide from July 2015. It encompasses a highly level of design, photography and extensive unfiltered interviews with the artists, who for a change were given a voice in hard media form. Santiago, with its deeply evolved and extremely active underground graffiti scene, bursts at the seams with an abundance […]

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ASA goes Mumbai

We of Amsterdam Street Art might be based in Amsterdam, but we’re international at heart. That goes to show during this weeks “Dutch week in Bombay” An event dedicated to the official Dutch Trading Mission. The event takes place from June 1-7.

Bombay(which is officially named Mumbai) will have an impressive collection of Dutchies. Holland Meets Mumbai is an intiative undertaken by the Dutch Consulate in Mumbai and the Kingdom of the Netherlands in India in collaboration with a few supporters. This is the first time such an event would be hosted in India! Holland Meets Mumbai takes place during the week when the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, visits India along with a trade delegation….