Untitled, 1982
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Róterdam
Foto: Studio Tromp, Róterdam
© The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York, Photo: Guggenheim Museum

Basquiat: from street to Guggenheim Museum

Recently, the exhibition Jean-Michel Basquiat: Now’s the Time came to an end in Guggenheim Bilbao. It has been one of the most important exhibitions ever devoted to this American artist who started painting in the streets and the first thematic examination of his output.


Self-Portrait, 1984 © Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York Photo: Guggenheim Museum

Self-Portrait, 1984
© Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York Photo: Guggenheim Museum


Though Basquiat was only active for a brief period in the 1980s, he produced one of the most remarkable bodies of work of the 20th century, with a formal and conceptual appeal that continues to fascinate audiences today. He combined images and texts in a unique style—mixing hieroglyphics and comics, high and low culture—to present a revealing vision of the world tinged with pain.


Win $ 1’000’000, 1984 © Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York Photo: Guggenheim Museum

Basquiat’s creations are manifestos that denounce inequality, racism, prejudice, and discrimination and defend the values of freedom, dignity, and respect. His art is steeped in music and poetry, harmoniously combining elements of everyday life with classic works of art, literature and music, anatomical drawings, and references to the world of sports, history (especially Afro-American history), life and death.


Ailing Ali in Fight of Life, 1984 © Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York, Photo: Guggenheim Museum

As an artist, he immersed himself in high art and graffiti, jazz and rap, punk and pop culture, anatomy textbooks and comics, and then channeled this complexity into sophisticated, layered works that presaged today’s internet culture. All these features are found in the approximately one hundred works shown in the exhibition. These are organised around the themes that inspired the artists. Though Basquiat soon left the conceptual graffiti of his early days behind to exhibit in art galleries, his paintings use the language and symbols of the street, creating images that honor black men as kings and saints.


Irony of a Negro Policeman, 1981 © Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York. Photo: Guggenheim Museum

Amazingly, some of the works address events unfolding today in the United States. Like the signs recently carried by protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, and across North America, Basquiat’s works insist that black lives matter. The artist dealt with racism and social hypocrisy on a daily basis, channeling these experiences into powerful paintings.


Guggenheim exterior, Mama by Louise Bourgeois: Photo: Guggenheim Museum

Also you could find an impressive selection of works produced by Basquiat in collaboration with Andy Warhol, Francesco Clemente, Keith Haring, and Kenny Scharf. No doubt, my favorite exhibition (so far) this year!


Street Art Festival- ASALTO

A few days ago Asalto was over. Asalto is an International Street Art Festival in Zaragoza (Spain) that this year has held its 10th edition.

sebas velasco

Mural by Sebas Velasco– Photo: ASALTO International Street Art Festival

The flag-ship feature of Asalto is direct intervention in the city, its walls and squares. Although some interventions are ephemeral and generate a unique link with the lucky spectator who interacts with them in a public space for a short-time, however, most of the works for this street art festival are permanent and made up an open museum with more than 70 murals made by the 1st class contemporary Street Artists.


Mural by Saner– Photo: Madrid Street Art Project

Some of the artists this year are Seba Velasco, Saner, Noe, Fitz, Farid Rueda, Elian and so on. In the web of Asalto you will find the complete list of the artists who participated in this art festival.











During the second weekend, Asalto Fair took place, there the public could visit many specialized galleries showing works by relevant street artists.




Work by Farid Rueda.

Work by Farid Rueda in Asalto International Street Art Festival

This art festival was also combined with concerts, training workshops and guided tours, both, on foot and by bike.


Work in progress- Photo: Asalto Street Art Festival

Mumbai_9 kl cover

ASA goes Mumbai

We of Amsterdam Street Art might be based in Amsterdam, but we’re international at heart. That goes to show during this weeks “Dutch week in Bombay” An event dedicated to the official Dutch Trading Mission. The event takes place from June 1-7.

Bombay(which is officially named Mumbai) will have an impressive collection of Dutchies. Holland Meets Mumbai is an intiative undertaken by the Dutch Consulate in Mumbai and the Kingdom of the Netherlands in India in collaboration with a few supporters. This is the first time such an event would be hosted in India! Holland Meets Mumbai takes place during the week when the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, visits India along with a trade delegation….

Poliniza_2015_15 _001

Street Art takes Uni

Poliniza´15 took place last week in Valencia, a great Street Art festival run by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Thousands of visitors enjoyed the creation process of works and interventions by relevant global and national artists, like Escif, Hyuro, Hope, Cawamo, Feoflip, H101, Juan Sánchez, Reskate, Roberto Ciredz, Sabek and Spongo.

Poliniza_2015_15 _015

Photo: Kike Sempere/UPV ©.

Born in 2006, Poliniza´s aim is to bring together Street Art and University. Since then, it has become a benchmark in Spanish street art landscape thanks to the quality and originality of participants, as well as its media and international impact.


Street Art- Mural: Contemplando el vacío by Hyuro.

Mural painting is one of the most important sections in this festival, including academic proposals as well as urban art or graffiti works. The walls used are real walls, so the murals will remain until next year.

Poliniza_2015_15 _007

Street Art- Mural – Kike Sempere/UPV ©.

Since its first edition, 159 international artists, from different countries, like Italy, Mexico, Germany, the Netherlands, France, etc. have taken part in Poliniza

Poliniza_2015_15 _009

Street Art – stencil – Kike Sempere/UPV ©.



ASA Goes Miami

After four successful editions of the Amsterdam Street Art festival  it is time for ASA to offer Amsterdam artists an international stage.

Cultural exchange between the artists themselves and the public are key. This project will introduce Amsterdam artists and Dutch culture to an international audience.

ASA is organizing a major Amsterdam ART FAIR in Miami during the annual Art Basel .

By partnering with Lombardi Properties ( 1 of the top 3 real estate owners in Miami ) ASA can rent a unique location in Wynwood, Miami . Wynwood is currently one of the most extensive and flourishing street art districts in the world.

The activities will be in public spaces ( in the Wynwood District ). ASA-artists will exhibit work on  walls in the neighborhood, offer works on the ART FAIR that is accessible for everybody and will work together with local artists to improve this event and explore future collaborations, for example during ASA 2015 in Amsterdam.

Our international team will sell the works that are exhibited, live performance will attract a wide variety of people and a cycle route along the Amsterdam Art in Miami will connect the ART FAIR with the works in public space. The city will serve as a canvas. This is an excellent opportunity for Amsterdam art galleries ‘GO Gallery’, ‘Original Dampkring Gallery’ Amsterdam and other partners to bring together collectors, art lovers, local by passers and artist from both countries together. We have seen the strength of working in- and outdoors in Amsterdam. Now it’s time to show Miami the synergy of street work and gallery exhibitions.

Furthermore, when the locations of the public works are connected on a map three vertical crosses ( XXX) arise. Amsterdam’s invasion of Miami is complete. These crosses are the starting point of the bike tour. Visitors to the ART FAIR can rent a bicycle  to go and see the other works in Wynwood. We are developing an App with an American software company to connect the works.

The architecture of the Dutch city Amsterdam as well as the harbor city of Miami will a recurring theme in the exhibition/ART FAIR. The large containers used for the exhibition are in line with this theme. Furthermore, the harbor heart in both cities will be further explored in this unique ART FAIR / pop -up exhibition .

In addition to the planned route and the ASA ART FAIR ASA’s own IVES.one is asked to paint a very prominent wall in the center of Wynwood. He will paint the wall with a still to announce guest artist This will provide a lot of extra exposure for the ART FAIR, where IVES and the guest artist will exhibit more works. For this 1200M2 we are still looking for a partner/sponsor

ASA will also be working on location with one of the most popular clubs in the Wynwood district , The Nest Nightclub, where we provide a platform for Amsterdam musicians and DJ’s. Miami and Amsterdam are both famous for their electronic music conferences (Winter Music Conference in Miami and the Amsterdam Dance Event). This musical event is a great opportunity to connect musicians from both countries outside the main music season (during both conferences).