ASA Goes Miami

After four successful editions of the Amsterdam Street Art festival  it is time for ASA to offer Amsterdam artists an international stage.

Cultural exchange between the artists themselves and the public are key. This project will introduce Amsterdam artists and Dutch culture to an international audience.

ASA is organizing a major Amsterdam ART FAIR in Miami during the annual Art Basel .

By partnering with Lombardi Properties ( 1 of the top 3 real estate owners in Miami ) ASA can rent a unique location in Wynwood, Miami . Wynwood is currently one of the most extensive and flourishing street art districts in the world.

The activities will be in public spaces ( in the Wynwood District ). ASA-artists will exhibit work on  walls in the neighborhood, offer works on the ART FAIR that is accessible for everybody and will work together with local artists to improve this event and explore future collaborations, for example during ASA 2015 in Amsterdam.

Our international team will sell the works that are exhibited, live performance will attract a wide variety of people and a cycle route along the Amsterdam Art in Miami will connect the ART FAIR with the works in public space. The city will serve as a canvas. This is an excellent opportunity for Amsterdam art galleries ‘GO Gallery’, ‘Original Dampkring Gallery’ Amsterdam and other partners to bring together collectors, art lovers, local by passers and artist from both countries together. We have seen the strength of working in- and outdoors in Amsterdam. Now it’s time to show Miami the synergy of street work and gallery exhibitions.

Furthermore, when the locations of the public works are connected on a map three vertical crosses ( XXX) arise. Amsterdam’s invasion of Miami is complete. These crosses are the starting point of the bike tour. Visitors to the ART FAIR can rent a bicycle  to go and see the other works in Wynwood. We are developing an App with an American software company to connect the works.

The architecture of the Dutch city Amsterdam as well as the harbor city of Miami will a recurring theme in the exhibition/ART FAIR. The large containers used for the exhibition are in line with this theme. Furthermore, the harbor heart in both cities will be further explored in this unique ART FAIR / pop -up exhibition .

In addition to the planned route and the ASA ART FAIR ASA’s own is asked to paint a very prominent wall in the center of Wynwood. He will paint the wall with a still to announce guest artist This will provide a lot of extra exposure for the ART FAIR, where IVES and the guest artist will exhibit more works. For this 1200M2 we are still looking for a partner/sponsor

ASA will also be working on location with one of the most popular clubs in the Wynwood district , The Nest Nightclub, where we provide a platform for Amsterdam musicians and DJ’s. Miami and Amsterdam are both famous for their electronic music conferences (Winter Music Conference in Miami and the Amsterdam Dance Event). This musical event is a great opportunity to connect musicians from both countries outside the main music season (during both conferences).