14aprallday22julWorld Press Photo Exhibition 2018Amsterdam, The Netherlands

21apr(apr 21)10:00 am28oct(oct 28)10:00 amLaChapelle Good News for Modern ManGroninger Museum

04may(may 4)4:00 pm02jun(jun 2)5:00 pmNEVERCREW"Incidence"

12may(may 12)5:00 pm07jul(jul 7)7:00 pmThe impeccable bunchCurated by: Kevin Ledo

18may(may 18)10:00 am16jun(jun 16)10:00 pmMotion, exhibition by Rafael SliksCollaborations with Kazmok

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  • Louis Masai – Missing

    Louis Masai – Missing

    A profoundly proactive and environmentally engaged artist, Louis Masai’s work touches on poignant endangerment issues, questioning our relationship to the wildlife we share our earth with. In his latest exhibition, aptly titled, Missing, Masai will be showing a selection of…Read More »
  • Gargar Fest 2018 II

    Gargar Fest 2018 II

    Gargar Festival has just finished for another year and this is part two of my round up of what is becoming an  increasingly popular and exciting festival. In amongst the drummers, local bands, tractor races, yes seriously tractor races, were the…Read More »
  • Gargar Fest 2018 I

    Gargar Fest 2018 I

    The third edition of the rural community art festival Gargar has just wrapped for another year and ASA spent the weekend there trying to capture as much of the event as possible. Fortunately for us the village of Penelles is very…Read More »


    The revolution will not be televised…the revolution will be ceramicised!  “To celebrate 100 years of women getting the vote, I thought it would be great to make this piece to celebrate the “Suffragette Spirit” that still lives on in Aberdeen.I hope…Read More »
  • Gargar Festival 2018 line up

    Gargar Festival 2018 line up

    The line-up for the third edition of Gargar Mural and Rural art festival has recently been announced with the organisers putting together a really impressive and diverse line up of artists. This annual festival in Penelles, Catalunya, which runs 4th, 5th and…Read More »
  • Rafael Sliks: An artist in motion

    Rafael Sliks: An artist in motion

    When I arrived at gallery Vroom & Varossieau Mr. Rafael Sliks was busy wrapping three beautiful girls in plastic foil. Hip-hop music playing in the background, the girls sweating and bouncing to the music, Mr. Sliks started his performance, spraying…Read More »
  • Interview with “SAKE”

    Interview with “SAKE”

    Check out the interview we did with Spanish artist SAKE. 1. We are fans of your work, what’s coming up that we need to know? Hello everyone. What is to come can be seen in several aspects. My streetart work and the other is my studio work.  Speaking of the street theme, I am giving shape to a project of 15…Read More »
  • Meet @nogreywalls

    Meet @nogreywalls

    We like you all to meet @nogreywalls he is one of our bloggers and editor of the ASA Instgram. He recently went to Dubai for us to report about Dubai Canvas 2018 and he was last week in Aberdeen at NUART.…Read More »
  • My life in pieces: Mikael B

    My life in pieces: Mikael B

    People tend to forget that great artists had to put in countless of hours and dedication to master their craft and skill so that we can enjoy their artwork. In Amsterdam Street Art’s latest blog series:”My life in pieces”, we’re…Read More »
  • Meeting Blade

    Meeting Blade

    On this, the first t-shirt- friendly Amsterdam Saturday of the year, with everyone in full Spring revival and the terraces packed, I find myself waiting for “The King of Graffiti” at gallery Vroom & Varossieau. A good opportunity to get…Read More »