Meet @nogreywalls

We like you all to meet @nogreywalls he is one of our bloggers and editor of the ASA Instgram.

He recently went to Dubai for us to report about Dubai Canvas 2018 and he was last week in Aberdeen at NUART. This guy is super inspired to make as much photos of streetart he can. You can find him at GarGar festival and he always wonders around Barcelona in his free time.

We asked him a few questions

*Im helping ASA cause ?

I’m helping ASA because street art is my passion and I want to be able to share as many works of streetart from as many artists from all over the globe with as many people as possible. 

*What does Streetart means for you?

Like I said above, street art is my passion. I spend so much time taking photos and writing about street art because I love it. I love seeing the creativity that these artists have and that they are willing to share this with the city. I love finding art in the most unexpected of places and I can’t imagine living somewhere without it! 

*When you go out hunting streetart, what gear do you use ?

I have a very small set up right now. As I’m mainly just on the streets of Barcelona my smart phone does the job. So my phone and my Spotify is all I need. With that being said I am going camera shopping for something shiny and new very very soon though. 

*What is you favourite city to hunt ?

Barcelona is my home territory so it’s my every day city to hunt… I have visited Lisbon recently however and it’s is absolutely incredible. I would love to have a week of solid hunting there. 

*What made you hunt streetart ?

I’ve always been intrigued by graffiti/street art. It just adds so much to a city and I still cannot fathom why people are so against street art having a place within the city. What bugs me more is these same people will happily accept H&M posters on every street corner. A few years ago I would take quick snaps of pieces or not even take a photo at all as I was a bit shy about stopping in the street to take a photo of graffiti. These days I stop anywhere and everywhere to get my shot!


*Which artist should be more in the spotlight?

Well I’m going to be very biased here with some artists in the Barcelona scene who’s work I love. Guys and gals like…. Tim Marsh, Mr M, Rage, Irene Lopez Leon, Uriginal, Cristian Blanxer, Oreo, DavidL, Jay Bisual, Jeff Bazak… I could go on forever. Oh also one artist I found in LIsbon who’s work I really like is ‘Coruja is watching‘ 

*which photographer is a inspiration for you?

Well there’s the obvious ones like Martha Cooper but for me my biggest inspiration is a friend from Barcelona called Fer Alcala. Every time I see his work it inspires me to get better. When I am out taking photos, I always think, what would Fer do here!


*What is the role of the photographers/spotters in the streetart scene?

I think our role is to document and share. Sometimes the artists themselves don’t get the chance to get a good photo due to time or bad lighting so it’s good that we come around the next day and manage to get a shot before the piece is buffed. I think it’s really important for photographers to share the art they find on their social media pages/blogs and to ALWAYS tag the artist and try and bring as much attention to that artists work as we can.

*What is the next city you will be hunting for streetart?

I will be at GarGar Festival this year, this will be on 4, 5 and 6 of May 2018


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