Astro – Perpetual Illusion

French artist Astro has just completed his latest epic mural in the small town of Epinal in the North East of France. The commune of Epinal is the largest of the Vosges (34,000 inhabitants) where apparently the ghost of Napoleon roams the grounds of the castle each year.

Art has an important place in this small town, especially in public spaces. The Le Mur festival, running since 2016 has played a huge part in changing the face of the town and this year, the organisers wanted to bring onboard an artist with an international reputation.

The organisers asked Mathilde and Gautier Jourdain, the founders of the Mathgoth gallery in Paris to assist with this task and The French artist ASTRO was chosen to bring his stunning optical illusion or “CelloGraff” to Epinal.

The artist well known for his work ethic needed only a short week to complete his intervention titled ‘perpetual illusion’on the wall of a car park in the heart of the town. The mural mixes calligraphy with Astro’s signature mind bending geometry to create a doorway to another dimension.

Be sure to check out the video (by Thomas Granovsky) below to see Astro create his latest visually stunning mural.

Photo by Galerie Mathgoth

Photo by Galerie Mathgoth

Photo by Galerie Mathgoth

Photo by Galerie Mathgoth


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