ASA Selected Artist

With this balanced team of extraordinary gentleman we are able to provide a solution to any request you or your company might have. ASA Selected Artist has all the expertise, skills and street smarts you need.

  • Telmo & Miel

    Telmo & Miel

    Both Telmo Pieper as well as Miel Krutzmann started working on their creative abilities from a very young age. But it wasn't untill 2007 they met at the Willem de …Read More »


    HUGO MULDER (DHM) Hugo Mulder (’72) aka DHM is a painter, street artist and graphic designer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He started doing graffiti in ’84 – graphic design in …Read More »
  • Ard Doko

    Ard Doko

    Ard DokoRead More »


    OTTOGRAPH Ottograph, a large-scale muralist, has been slinging paint since the age of ten. Starting out in Amsterdam, where he is from, and then moving on to become an internationally …Read More »
  • Dopie


    Dopie (‘83) has been a well-known artist in the Dutch graffiti scene for over fifteen years. Inspired by the throw-ups on the subway cars in his hometown of Amsterdam, he …Read More »
  • Mossy Gaint

    Mossy Gaint

    Street art / Drawings / Canvas / Illustrations / Design Welcome to the Mossy Giant Studios Mossy Giant is an Amsterdam based illustrator & graphic designer who practices his craft …Read More »
  • Beazarility


    Lars Brehm (‘81) aka Beazarility started creating mixed-media art in 2000. He combines photography, scanned images, illustrations & street culture to create his typical work. At the moment he studies …Read More »
  • Ives-one

    Ives-one, a dutch artist from Amsterdam. Co-founder & creative director of Amsterdam Street Art Foundation and 4816.NL IVES is frequently involved with international festivals like WMC/Ultra in Miami.All this aside you …Read More »
  • Chuck


    Amsterdam based graffiti artiest with over 20 years of experience. Chuck is a well known graffiti artist with commissioned jobs all over the world. Chuck is the owner of Graffiti …Read More »
  • Sjembakkus


    It’s not a phenomenon you will see often, paintings sticking to your mind and spirit, like a syrupy, viscous mass. But when you do, there’s a great chance you’re dealing …Read More »
  • Sket185


    born in Middelburg, Netherlands. He started writing graffiti in October of 1984, his first written word was BASIC. He developed his own style from Set1 (the one and only) to …Read More »